#1 Mistake Social Media Marketers Make


As a professional social media marketing consultant, I’ve been cringing each time this paid advertisement has shown up on my Facebook feed this week. (Note: The company name has been removed, as I’m not writing this article to make the company look bad, but to show the importance of strategic and timely social media marketing management)

The first thing I noticed was the super familiar stock photo – the same model I’ve seen so many other companies using. For one, stock photos scream “interruptive advertising” and most people scroll right past them. Choosing an image that looks like a “real” person, similar to what you would see on an actual friend’s post, is more likely to gain attention.

But the primary thing that is making me cringe is the unending super negative comments this ad is getting. Someone at this company is actually paying to have these negative comments and real customer reviews in front of their target audience. No one from the company is watching this ad. It continues to show up in my newsfeed 2-4x per day… and each time I see more and more negative comments come with it. Well over 200+ when I decided to write this blog. And some of these negative comments are several weeks old! No one from this company is listening!

The number one mistake social media marketers can make is to put a post (or ad) out there, and not watch it. It is our job as social media marketers to not just create targeted ads and posts, but to step in as customer service agents to help resolve issues/question and even address complaints that may come up. And the faster we step in, the less likely a post will spiral with others chiming in with their negative stories. And if all else fails, and you can’t make the negatively stop, at least pull down the advertisement. Try again with new messaging.

Social media advertising is not like buying Google AdWords or display banners. It is an evolving medium that can take on a life of its own if not managed. People comment, share and respond in real time. So, as a reminder to anyone involved in social media advertising, if you launch a social media ad, be prepared to manage the comments.

Holly Berkley is a professional Online Marketing Consultant and author of eight Internet Marketing books. She focuses on helping all size businesses increase online sales and dramatically boost web site traffic through proven online marketing concepts. Berkley’s newest book is “The Social Media Advantage – An Essential Handbook for Small Business” Learn about her latest books and marketing services at www.BerkWeb.com


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