San Diego Technology Spotlight: On Demand Staffing for your Office

1 Click StaffingAs an Internet Marketing Consultant for more 20 years, I’ve worked with a lot of San Diego start-ups and new technologies. My clients are very often local entrepreneurs who identify a problem and provide a much-needed solution. This is exactly what my latest client 1Click Staffing has done. The business plan and technology is on-point with tapping into a need to fix the current (very outdated) hiring/job search process.

Let me explain. Say you find out your best employee is going on maternity leave. Or you just landed a big client and have piles of research and paperwork to file. The typical hiring process takes 29 days, and 84% of new hires don’t work out. Something small business owners can not afford.

While Millennials (and even many Gen Xers and Boomers) are depending more and more on apps and web sites to help them get matched with dates, friends, drivers and more, why hasn’t the same technology been applied to those seeking employment? I’m not talking about another job board or resume blaster. But an actual web site that matches skilled, background checked people looking for work (part time, full time or contract) with open San Diego jobs in real time.

That’s where 1Click Staffing steps in. The job matching platform already boasts hundreds of skilled, background checked office admins, assistants and customer support staff ready to work. Businesses can post a job need and quickly get matched with available talent.

As a business owner, having immediate access to vetted workers when you need them is invaluable. And because technically the workers are 1Click Staffing employees, it minimizes your risk as an employer. Wages and all payroll burden taxation are paid by 1Click Staffing requiring no wage taxation or benefits to be paid by you. You can essentially test-run a full-time person before you hire them.

And just like Uber, Lyft and other matching technologies, employees and employers rate each other. So, both sides begin to build a reputation.

Whether you need extra staff part-time, full-time or for an upcoming project, I invite my fellow San Diego business owners to post a job opening free at I welcome your feedback about this new San Diego technology.

Holly Berkley is a professional Online Marketing Consultant and author of eight Internet Marketing books. She focuses on helping all size businesses increase online sales and dramatically boost web site traffic through proven online marketing concepts. Berkley’s newest book is “The Social Media Advantage – An Essential Handbook for Small Business” Learn about her latest books and marketing services at






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