Quick Tips for going Facebook Live

I’ve had a lot of clients asking me about Facebook Live lately. How it can help their business. How they can best prepare. As a result, I pulled together a list of key tips to help them get started.

Group Of Five Mixed Race Students Sitting Together Surrounded WiContent Tips:

  1. Have a compelling description of what you’re going to talk about ready to post, BEFORE you go live. This description will be what people read alongside the video post.
  2. Promote the Live Video event a few days before via blogs, social posts and email.
  3. Plan to have company advocates and key staff online to leave comments and post reactions during the live video. More active live engagement will help the video show up in more newsfeeds faster.
  4. Have a list of talking points ready, and be prepared to answer questions during the live feed.
  5. If you are planning a more formal demo during a live video, it’s a good idea to have an extra person helping you read the comments/questions, so you don’t get distracted.
  6. Say “Hello” to commenters by name when you respond live.
  7. Expect lots of comments to happen after the live video has ended as well.
  8. Suggested Length of Facebook Live video – about 2 – 5 minutes. You don’t want it to be too long – yet long enough to give people time to see it in their newsfeeds while it’s actually live. If your live video is getting lots of engagement, keep it going!
  9. Signal the end of the broadcast by using a closing line like “Thanks for watching, we’ll be going Live again soon…” If you already know the next topic or date of Live Video, mention it.
  10. After the live video is complete, download it, then upload to YouTube. Once on YouTube, you can share the video again via emails, blogs, other social media.

Technical Tips:

  1. You must be an ADMIN or EDITOR of the Company Facebook Page to do a Live Video.
  2. Live Streams can be done from your computer’s camera or phone while logged into the Company Facebook Page.
  3. If doing a live video with your phone, be sure to film horizontal (this way, it will look better on YouTube or other social media you may upload it to afterwards).
  4. Practice making the video before the live event, so you can see how it looks and sounds. Speak clearly, and make sure the environment is distraction-free.
  5. Be sure you have a strong internet connection before you go live. (Live videos can get fuzzy and hard to hear very easily, if connection isn’t super strong.)

holly berkleyHolly Berkley is an author, educator, speaker and professional Internet Marketing Consultant focused on helping all size businesses increase online sales, strengthen their overall brand, and dramatically boost web site traffic through proven online marketing concepts. Berkley’s newest book is “The Social Media Advantage – An Essential Handbook for Small Business” Learn about her latest books and marketing services at www.BerkWeb.com


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