3 Ways To Get More Local Traffic To Your Business

By Maria Julia Teixeira Larsen

As a business owner trying to connect with local clients, it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest mobile and geo-marketing strategies to reach potential customers. That’s why we’ve summed up 3 important tips to consider to get your business more online exposure among your local audience.

Make sure your web site is mobile-friendly.

If you want to increase traffic to your website you need to consider organic mobile search. Google takes mobile-friendly web sites into consideration when displaying those search results. Find out if your web site is mobile-friendly here.

Studies have shown that most mobile users scroll past paid listings and click 74% more on organic listings over paid. The best strategy is to use a mix of both paid and organic search, however if you have a limited budget, focus on organic.

Make sure you are submitted to all local directories.

Most users who search for local businesses and services on Google, end up on local directory web sites, such as Yelp. The directories have substantial budgets and do well on organic search for key search terms. Having links to your website or mentions of your business within these top local directors helps the ranking of your website. Find out how your business is listed on local directories here.

Working with a local internet marketing consultant who has partnered with local directory submission services such as Yext allows easy updates on business listings as well as “sales”,“special discounts” and other time sensitive information on your local search listing in real time, helping to encourage more people to click and visit your store.

Working with a Yext-certified Consultant  gets your business into more than 50 different local search directories (i.e. YellowPages.com, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, WhitePages.com, and others) which helps your business and services get found by potential customers when they are on the go.

Consider geo-targeted, mobile-friendly Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a form of paid advertising on Google and it’s search partners. For many local businesses, it can be one of the most effective ways to advertise, but it can also be complicated for a business owner to manage on their own. That’s why we recommend connecting with a Google AdWords Certified consultant to help create geo-targeted campaigns to reach potential customers while they are searching for your services.

For each campaign, you can select the geographic location (country, cities, radius around a location, etc) where you want your ad to show even if the user is not specifically in that location. You can also target mobile device users, which is very important nowadays as the number of users searching for products and services on their mobile has been increasing exponentially.

Overall, there are many tools out there to help your business grow, but you need to know which ones are most efficient to reach local customers right away. Knowing the right people and the right tools make all the difference in running a productive business.



Maria Julia Teixeira Larsen assists with Google AdWords and Local Search Marketing for Holly Berkley Consulting, LLC a San Diego based Internet Marketing company. More at www.BerkWeb.com



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