5 Tips to Help Nonprofits Get More out of Facebook

By Natalie Hanson

Facebook Marketing ideas for nonprofits

Local nonprofit San Diego Rescue Mission finds Facebook success through real photos (never stock!) and real stories of people impacted by the organization’s volunteers, staff and donors.

With so many businesses angling for a space on Facebook’s newsfeed, getting the attention of potential donors on Facebook is getting more and more competitive. These 5 tips will help nonprofits get more out of Facebook.

1. Create simple, short posts that will catch they eye of your target audience.

These days most people access social media through their smart phones, which makes it easy for users to quickly scroll past posts or ads if they don’t catch their attention. Short, simple posts with eye-catching images are more likely to be seen by today’s short attention-spanned users. Users also tend to engage more with personal or playful tone than overly professional or impersonal tone.


2. Share relevant, interesting content.

People following nonprofits don’t want to see overdoses of advertising messages or donation requests. It’s important to share a variety of content so followers and supporters aren’t overwhelmed or annoyed. Here are a few ideas of types of content to post:

  • Relevant personal stories from members of the organization that show their experiences.
  • Celebration of success stories of how campaigns have helped the cause.
  • On-the-ground stories and photos of events + behind the scenes photos or videos of staff at work.
  • Inspiring quotes and solutions-oriented messages that relate to your cause.
  • Videos! – Posts with videos receive 7x more engagement than any other type of posts on Facebook. For best results, keep videos to 30 seconds or less


3. Engage and strengthen relationships with your followers + supporters.

It’s extremely important to interact with your supporters to make them feel known and appreciated. Thanking your supporters for their generosity to the public will encourage them and others to contribute more. Encouraging supporters to share their own experiences with your cause (positive and inspirational ones of course) is a great way to strengthen relationships and build engagement. If you’re looking to grow your supporters base, take advantage of influencers. Influencers have a huge impact these days, especially if they have a connection to the cause.


4. Showcase in-person events and activities.

This is a chance to personalize your organization and display your relationships with the community. Showcasing supporters interacting with the staff, team members, each other, and the people they are helping provides that personal tone followers are looking for. With the right type of positive, personal experience, these people become loyal ambassadors of your cause.


5. Create fundraising campaigns to raise money for your cause.

Asking for money from people is not easy. Fundraising campaigns are a direct, simple, and fun way to raise money towards your cause without begging people for donations. Follow these steps when creating a fundraising campaign:

  • Set a funding goal – Tell people how much money you are trying to raise and why it is important to reach that goal.
  • Set a time frame – putting a limit on the amount of time people have to donate creates a sense of urgency and give the extra push to commit.
  • Make a theme – having a theme for the campaign makes it more tangible and FUN!
  • Set up the “Donate” button on your page – the easier it is for people to submit donations, the more you’ll receive.
  • Provide tangible outcomes – define what donors should expect, how the funds raised will be used, and what exactly their money is going towards.
  • Provide suggested contribution amounts – suggesting specific amounts to donate helps supporters make the decision to donate easier.
  • Update consistently – keep people looped in on progress towards your goal and encourage your supporters to spread the word.
  • Thank the donors!!


Remember, the ultimate goal of Facebook is to connect with your supporters! Connect with your fans like one of their friends by making your posts personal, relevant, and attention grabbing and people will be more inclined to engage and support your cause.

Natalie Hanson assists with social media outreach and Facebook marketing for Holly Berkley Consulting, LLC a San Diego based Internet Marketing company. More at www.BerkWeb.com

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