Making a Difference with Cause Marketing

Find out how today's nonprofits are reaching more donors through social fundraising strategies + tools. Tickets for "Making a Difference with Cause Marketing" with Holly Berkley

Find out how today’s nonprofits are reaching more donors through social fundraising strategies + tools. Get tickets for “Making a Difference with Cause Marketing” with Holly Berkley

Are you ready to reach more donors and raise more funds online?

Join Author + Internet Marketing Consultant Holly Berkley at the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at National University on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 for a one day seminar to educate, inspire and enhance skills in online fundraising.

During the “Making a Difference with Cause Marketing” portion of the seminar, she’ll explore how online fundraising has changed and the must-have tools all nonprofits need to reach donors and raise funds online in 2015 and beyond. She’ll share success stories of nonprofits raising significant funds through Peer-to-Peer fundraising platforms, and using social media marketing to amplify causes for a bigger impact.

Here are a few more things she will cover in her upcoming seminar…

Facebook Marketing
-What to post on Facebook to keep donors interested and engaged
-Benefits (and dangers) of boosting posts and buying “likes”
-Using Facebook Insights to understand your audience

Twitter Marketing
-How nonprofits are using Twitter effectively
-A look at top hashtags for nonprofits
-Ways to amplify your message

Mobile Marketing
-How nonprofits are raising funds via text-to-give campaigns
-Importance of making sure your web site (and donation form) are mobile friendly

Web site Design
-How to tell if your current web site is working for you
-Understanding which social channel is driving the most engaged traffic
-A look at top nonprofit web sites and why they are so successful
-How to ensure your web site is optimized for search engines

Holly Berkley

Holly Berkley is the author of “The Social Media Advantage” and works as an internet marketing consultant in San Diego.

Email Marketing
-How to building donor loyalty through email marketing
-Strategic communication ideas to retains donors

What are the costs of all this?
-Should you outsource Internet Marketing or bring it in-house?
-How do you measure success (ROI) of your Internet Marketing Campaigns?

Google Grants
-Who is using it? How can you benefit?

And more!

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy is dedicated to Cause Leadership through the combined efforts of fundraising, board development and community engagement through better communication and management. More information at

>Tickets for Making a Difference with Cause Marketing


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