How to Become an Instagram Instaguru

Thank you to my “Guest Blogger” Ivan Serrano for providing the following insightful information on Instagram!

Instagram is sweeping the charts even surpassing Facebook’s growth with over 200 million users worldwide. It became popularly known as the new Facebook for teens because of its simplicity: post a photo, add a sentence or two, follow your friends.

But teens aren’t the only users of Instagram. Now the company has become a tool for small businesses to visually market their content. You must embrace it to fully utilize it. Once you learn the right Insta-etiquette, like how to hashtag well, how to edit and filter your pictures, and how to give your content an edge to gain more attention, you’ll have an army of followers before you know it.

The art of Instagram lies in the aesthetic of your content. This is not exclusive to photos, but includes unique hashtags, headlines, and even brand names. To find your following, you’ll have to be flexible – know how to switch up content to appeal to all sorts of targeted audiences. Soon enough, you’ll find that you’re marketing your company without even trying to. Instead, you’ll find that you’re telling a story; a personal narrative of who your company is, what is does, and how to find your unique voice in the ever-shifting terrain of marketing.

Instagram Inforgraphic

Visual content is more in-demand than ever before. As a visual-based social platform, Instagram allows brands to showcase products in a creative way, establish visual identity, and create interactive hashtag campaigns.


This information was provided by my “Guest Blogger” Ivan Serrano. Ivan is a web journalist and infographic specialist from Northern California. He has covered a range of topics including global business, technology and social media. In his off-time, he enjoys catching up on sports news and his photography.


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