Understanding Key Influencers Within Your Target Audience Group


Can you identify the biggest influencers in your online community?

Determining the identity of the key influencers within your online social networking circles can be critical to your marketing goals.  When a key influencer loves your company or project, you can sit back and watch the positive energy flow, but get on their bad side, and you may be confronted with a PR nightmare.

No matter the size, every online community has its loudest voices. And these voices make up only 1% of the total community. But they are a powerful 1%. They are the “creators”. They are the ones who start conversations and keep the discussions alive over the course of several days or weeks. The creators have a big influence on the attitudes and energy of the social group.

It may appear that a social network is not active, or that no one is listening due to the small percentage of participants who actually create content.  However, 10% of a community is what is known as “editors”.  These members will post and contribute to conversations started by the “creators”. They are the ones who will simply “like*”  something on Facebook, or contribute a “me too” type blog comment.

So what are the remaining 89% of the members doing? Listening.

Even though you may think no one is listening to your posts and comments, they are.  Social media provides a voyeuristic view of what’s happening in your community. For the same reason reality television took off, social media offers a chance for people to listen in, see your ideas, and hear what’s going on in a fairly anonymous way .



Holly Berkley, San Diego Online Marketing Consultant
Holly Berkley is an author, educator, speaker and professional Internet Marketing Consultant focused on helping all size businesses increase online sales, strengthen their overall brand, and dramatically boost web site traffic through proven online marketing concepts. Berkley’s newest book is “The Social Media Advantage – An Essential Handbook for Small Business” Learn about her latest books and marketing services at www.BerkWeb.com


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