Rapid Growth of Social Media Use among Consumers & Businesses calls for New Undergrad Course at SDSU

Holly Berkley, Author of The Social Media Advantage, Develops new Social Media Course for San Diego State University

(San Diego, CA) March 1, 2013 – With 50% of the world’s population under 30 year’s old, and 96% of them using social media daily to communicate, learn and form opinions about businesses and services they use, a new course on the use of social media for businesses has been added to the curriculum at San Diego State University.

Holly Berkley, author of the several Internet Marketing books including her newest book, The Social Media Advantage (published by Self-Counsel Press), has developed a new course focusing on social media for businesses. As social media is constantly evolving, the focus of this medium in business is a critical component in keeping course material relevant and useful in today’s workforce in addition to class participation and sharing, which is a primary expectation of the course work.  Students share business case studies, as well as their own ideas, on how companies can use the latest tools such as Instagram, Pinterest, Mobile Apps, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others.  Students will also meet with actual business owners who use social media, as well as the organizations providing the social tools and services.

Social Media Marketing Book

Berkley’s book “The Social Media Advantage” has been integrated into the new course curricula at SDSU.

“Just last week, we had a live webinar with a representative from Google to show the class all the latest features of Google’s new social tools, and how businesses can benefit,” said Holly Berkley. “We also have small business owners come to class, and talk about their goals and challenges with social media. I want the class to be highly realistic and useful, so students get a true understanding of what it’s like to use these tools for marketing a business, and how to avoid pitfalls and PR nightmares that can be magnified with social media”.

Berkley’s book “The Social Media Advantage” has been integrated into the new course curricula, as it gives the students hands-on marketing tactics as well as detailed case studies about how today’s businesses are using social media to create and maintain an online presences, and effectively expand a customer or client base.  Berkley is also the author of Marketing in the New Media which was required reading for universities worldwide including SDSU, UCSD Extension and Technologica De Monterrey. Her first book was Low Budget Online Marketing for Small Business, which has since been translated, re-released internationally, and currently in its 3rd edition.

See more stats here: http://www.socialnomics.net/2013/01/01/social-media-video-2013/
More about Holly Berkley and her books here: www.BerkWeb.com

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