Do you have a Social Media Success Story to Share?

I am seeking case studies for my upcoming Social Media book that will be published this Fall 2012. The book will be an essential guide for small businesses using social media.

If interested, please submit your name, title, and company’s story to me at by May 15, 2012 for possible inclusion in the book.

Case Studies must fit into one of the following categories:

1.    Expert Positioning:
Does your company position an individual ahead of the company brand? How do you use social media to position yourself or an individual in your company as an expert.

2.    Building and Nurturing an Online Community:
Do you run your own online community? How did you build your member base? How do you keep members engaged and coming back?

3.    Measuring Success:
How do you measure the success of your social media efforts? Are their specific tools you are using?

4.    Employee Involvement:
Does your company allow employees to participate on Social Networks on behalf of the company? Do you have guidelines/rules for engagement?  I’d like to hear stories about any problems you’ve run into, advice you could give other business owners, and/or a story about how allowing employees to participate in social media led to success.

5.    The Future of Social Media:
How is your company “pushing the boundaries of social media”. Are there social networks you are finding success with outside the mainstream sites?

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing your stories!


Social Media in Action

Social Media in Action

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